Jo ( from Somerville ) / CLAIRVOYANT

If you are wanting  a phone reading or to contact Jo.

Send her a txt message on 0448 052 736

Please do NOT call Jo as she will not be able to respond..

Jo is amazing, you will not be disappointed.

Jo  ( people know her mainly from Somerville ) has been working on the Morning ton Peninsula for over 30 years , she also still works from Sommerville.

Jo will be working from a Salon in Blackburn once a month.

Jo  has clients  from all over Victoria , Interstate and Internationally

What is a Clairvoyant reading .. A Clairvoyant reading is where the psychic obtains information from images, symbols, and guides or loved ones that are connected to you. The Medium will then describe what they are seeing to whoever is having the reading, connecting with the past, present and future.

You should  come prepared with questions for your reading .

Know what you want out of the reading.

Know that messages from the deceased may happen (mediumship) and that clairvoyantstarot readersangel card readers and psychic mediums are real and present information that generally, only you the client would know.

It is best to ask general questions at first, such as what can you the psychic medium tell me about my finances, health, career, job, partner/spouse, family, where I live, etc. That way, your clairvoyant or psychic mediums should be able to tell you information that applies to you to let you know they are talking about you. Then, you can move on to more specific questions during your clairvoyant reading and ask for advice from ‘Spirit’, your angels and your spirit guides and your deceased relatives.