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Just to clear up a few questions on Neem and Pregnancy
Neem oil should be kept out of the reach of children and babies. Pregnant, trying to conceive or breast feeding woman should not use the oil at all.

It should not be consumed by animals or humans –

neem leaves may be consumed but this is different part of the tree altogether.

Neem use is safe, provided you…only use Neem seed oil externally, NOT TO BE TAKEN ORALLY .
however if you are trying to get pregnant do not put Neem seed oil around the vaginal area as it can be used as a natural spermicidal .
don’t TAKE any Neem products, internally if you are trying to conceive a child (this applies to women and men!)
don’t TAKE any Neem products if pregnant (applies mostly to women).

If you are pregnant or trying to concieve and you feel safer , use rubber gloves to apply Neem seed Oil externally to your human or fur baby ..

don’t attempt to treat fever in children with Neem .


Neem Oil
Heals/ treats skin issues, stops itch, kills fleas,lice and mites.
Repels flies and mosquitoes.
Heals skin rash , itch and Fungal issues on Humans and Fur babies ,
also great in the garden.
Dogs -Heals hot spots and grass allergies on your dogs paws and belly.
Horses-Heals seedy toe, greasy heal. rain scald, Qld itch, mud fever, open wounds, hoof cracks.
Humans-Tinea, head lice, skin tags,skin condition phoresis , eczema, dermatitis all fungal issues and itch.
Garden- kills aphids and other plant eating bugs.
NATURAL Antibiotics
NATURAL Antibacterial ,
NATURAL Anti inflamitory ,
NATURAL Antifungal ,
Not to be taken by Pregnant women or Infants.
My Neem Oil is
100% PURE Cold Pressed Human Grade Neem Oil
Australian grown and owned




Neem Oil is concentrated with no chemicals, no phosphates, no animal products, are biodegradable and mix readily with water.


The Neem Tree (botanical name Azadirachta Indica au Jus) is native to India/Burma. For centuries millions of people have cleaned their teeth with Neem twigs, smeared skin disorders with Neem based oils, drank Neem Tea and placed Neem leaves in their beds, books, grain bins, cupboards closets. Neem in Ayuverda has relieved so many different pains, fevers, infections and other complaints such as Eczema, Psoriasis, even Leprosy that it has been referred to as the Village Pharmacy. In India it is believed that the Neem Tree has miraculous powers and now scientists all around the world are beginning to understand its huge potential. 




Humans and Animals :  If you are looking for a great addition to your first aid kit then Neem seed Oil is just what you need. It is a great resource to have as it can be used for almost any type of injury and it will help with the healing process and it is fantastic for your skin. Best of all it is all natural and there are not chemicals in the Neem seed Oil, it naturally will help your skin to heal and look fresh. It can be used on burns, cuts, bruises, and insect bites. It also has a multitude of other uses that you may not expect. Neem seed Oil can be used for earaches, eczema, scabies, ringworm, lice and fungal issues. It is all-around healing oil and is great to have on hand.

The oil is cold pressed and refined for topical use. It contains no additives.

Neem Seed Oil contains Vitamin E, proteins, essential amino acids & natural glycerine. All these are excellent for hair & skin. Neem is an excellent moisturise additive or excellent by itself.

Neem contains compounds with historical and scientific validity for use in medicinals and has been used in Traditional Medicines for many uses including burns, cuts, bruises, nasty insect bites, earache, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, ringworm, fungus & fungal problems, head lice as well as many other problems


Neem oil , where do I start on its use for dogs -relieves itchy skin rashes from grass etc cures hot spots kills Fleas, ticks , horses – heals cuts , wounds , seedy toe, mud fever, lice, fleas , fly bites , rain scald , fungus , greasy heal and the list goes on call me to tell you all about its miraculous use $ 45.00 per litre and it last for ages and you can add it to all sorts of products ,Neem oil is also great for DOGS for HOT spots, grass allergies any itchy or fungal skin conditions , open wounds, heals infection, kills fleas and ticks

Biting insects hate Neem and they prefer not to hang around – Neem is a great natural repellant.  Neem is non toxic to humans, animals, birds and bees.

Neem has been around for about 4,000 years so it is well and truly tried and tested as a natural repellant.


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If your poor fur baby is suffering from Hot spots and grass allergies or any itch or fungal infection , you need Neem oil, is all natural , plant based , cheap and highly effective , relieves and heals within days call 98794744 in office hours for more info and we post .


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Neem Oil and your HORSE

Just one example of Neem Oil this photo is a before photo , this horse(Rusty)  had Lice and his skin was sore and had open wounds , he was insanely itchy the second photo is Rusty all healed no itch , dead lice and fur all growing back this transformation occurred within a week NEEM OIL is AMAZING ,
Neem oil is also great for DOGS for HOT spots, grass allergies any itchy or fungal skin conditions , open wounds, KILLS infection, fleas and ticks

The Neem tree is an evergreen tree indigenous to India. Neem oil is pressed from the seeds of the tree  In India, Neem is most commonly used to control insects and mites, and for minor wound care.

Neem oil contains vitamin E and many essential amino acids which help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. It can therefore be used on all skin-types, even sensitive,  and for minor wound care. On minor wounds its collagen properties promote healthy, new skin and reduce scar tissue. Neem also encourages healthy hair re-growth.

Neem oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties so is great for Raine Scald, Itchy skin often known as QLD Itch, Seedy Toe, Greasy Heal, Mud Fever, Lice or any itchy , allergy or fungal skin conditions.

Neem oil has repellent properties and has been scientifically tested for use against midges.

Neem can be used against flies, midges, lice and mites, for minor wounds , scar reduction and hair re-growth. Neem oil can be used neat (on humans and animals) or can be diluted (to make a rinse solution or spray) by adding a small amount of a mild detergent along with water. A dilution of at least 1 part Neem to 20 parts water is recommended for a fly spray. It is also fine to use Neem even when the sun is shining but be a little cautious putting large quantities on Net and leaving a horse standing in the sun all day..

Using Neem Oil for the itchy horse

Neem Oil should be used to avoid midges biting and causing issues. Once your horse has been bitten and is itchy, Neem Oil can be applied neat to the itchy and rubbed areas. Neem helps stop further biting from the midges, deeply moisturises and soothes the skin, and encourages rapid hair re-growth.

Using Neem Oil for mud issues

Leg issues usually occur during the wet, muddy winter months, caused by a bacteria in the soil. Signs are thick, solid legs, hair falling out and scabs. Neem oil should be rubbed directly onto the problem area, up to twice a day to soften and remove the scabs (without the need for shampooing), to soothe and to kill the bacteria. Generous application of Neem oil will create a water-proof barrier to avoid re-occurrence.


To purchase call 9879-4744 or 0431166910 ,we also post all over Australia and supply Bali horses and dogs with NEEM


Recipes for using NEEM oil to make your own products

Neem oil for Insect repellant.

For 1 liter of a 0.5 % dilution of neem plant spray you need:

  • 5 ml (1 tsp) neem oil
  • 1-2 ml (1/3 tsp) insecticidal soap or other detergent
  • 1 liter (1 quart) warm water

Using Neem dog , horse shampoo: bathing with a Neem  shampoo is of course also an excellent way to discourage fleas and ticks, Lice and to clean up mange or ringworm and many other fundal issues . Make sure you leave the shampoo in for several minutes  before rinsing. Do this two or three times a week if needed . That usually does the job.

Source some oatmeal shampoo. It’s a great shampoo to soothe already irritated skin and relieve pain and itching a bit. Otherwise use the mildest shampoo you can find. I use Eucalyptus Wool Mix for my dogs and horse

Using pure neem oil: if you have a severe case of anything you may want to try pure neem oil. Don’t use it undiluted, though, especially if the dog has cracked, open skin, oozing sores etc. Neem oil is very strong stuff! You would add to the stress and discomfort, and that makes things worth.

Rather dilute the neem oil 1:10 in a light carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil ,grape seed oil or almond oil). Then massage the oil mixture into the skin. You can apply it several times a day on problem spots.

For hot spots like moist eczema, or to treat demodectic mange, you can increase the concentration to a 1:1 ratio. Some people do use 100% pure neem oil in those cases. Don’t leave the pure oil on the skin for more than 48 hours, or you dog may develop an irritation. Also monitor the skin, and if there is any reaction, wash the oil of immediately.

Neem Dog Spray/shampoo  Recipe

The method for making a neem oil spray for dogs is the same as for a plant spray. Only the amounts are different.

Always prepare this neem spray freshly, and use it immediately. Once neem oil is dissolved in water it starts breaking down. Keep the solution for no more than eight hours.

Amounts And Concentration

A 0.5% – 1% solution is strong enough as a repellent spray to protect dogs from mosquitoes, fleas etc. However, if your dog already has a problem with fleas or ticks you can use a stronger solution.

You can increase the concentration of this standard solution much higher, up to 10% (just remember that it will also take a lot more soap to dissolve the oil).

And instead of spraying you can also sponge it over and through the coat of your dog. Such a strong solution will keep even buffalo flies and sandflies away! But usually it’s just not required to waste that much oil. A little neem oil goes a long way.

For 0.5 liters of a 0.5% solution of neem oil dog spray you need:

  • 2.5 ml neem oil
  • 1 ml mild soap or detergent
  • 0.5 liter warm water

For 0.5 liters of a 1% solution of neem oil dog spray you need:

  • 5 ml neem oil
  • 2 ml mild soap or detergent
  • 0.5 liter warm water



  • Use warm (not hot!) water, the oil will dissolve much better.
  • Mix the warm water with the soap first!
  • Then slowly add the oil while stirring vigorously.
  • Fill the mix into your sprayer.
  • Use immediately.


Making Neem Dog Shampoo

Just mix neem oil into your normal dog shampoo at a rate of 1 to 5 ml for every 100 ml of shampoo. Use less if your dog does not have any problems, and more if it does

Is Neem Oil Safe For Cats?

Cats are constantly licking, cleaning and grooming themselves, so whatever you put on them they will ingest. That makes the use of any chemicals or pesticides a particularly nasty option. What’s a cat owner to do when a cat suffers from skin problems or parasites?

Neem oil shampoo is safe for cats, even for super sensitive, allergic-to-pretty-much-everything cats. In fact, you will probably find that the use of neem lowers your cat’s sensitivity to environmental stresses significantly, and that its immune system in general improves.

However, not every neem shampoo or neem spray that’s good for dogs is safe to use on cats!

But it’s not the neem oil that is the culprit. The biggest problem with neem pet products is that many commercial neem pet shampoos or neem sprays also contain other essential oils, in particular tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is not safe for cats!!

Essential oils are often used to mask the smell of neem oil, and cats are very sensitive to essential oils.

If you want to use neem products on your cat, make sure you buy something without tea tree oil in it (or cajeput, or camphor oils). Or even better, buy 100% pure organic neem tree oil, and add it to your own cat product.

Ingestion is not a problem since the shampoo is rinsed out. You don’t need to worry about neem oil traces. They do no harm. The smell left behind is enough to discourage fleas. If used at low concentrations neem oil sprays are fine, too.

so for CATS dilute Neem down and or wash off or use The Neem Leaf , brew it into a tea and spray your cat .

Neem Oil 250ml bottle